Apr 16, 2013

Did You Mean to Post That?

With all of the different social media communication tools that schools and colleges have now at their disposal, I continue to notice an interesting phenomenon.  I follow countless  schools and colleges on our ISA Twitter account as a way to get a read on their collective marketing and communication strategies.  I continue to notice that there is often a communication gap between the school’s brand and intended messaging and what they are posting on social media.  

If your school or college has adopted a specific positioning platform or messaging construct, wouldn’t it make sense to live that concept out through social media strategies?  Most schools and colleges spend a lot of time and money birthing a brand to live out on the web and in print media.  Why aren’t the photos, videos, and other content they post to social media also communicating the same message?  My guess is that they are disconnected by personnel or division: the right hand is not talking with the left.

I remember when you might look at a school or college website next to their view book and find they did not appear similar simply because they were produced by different vendors.  I suspect the same issue is at work here.  Social media is a mainstream communication tool and must be managed by the professionals, just like any other medium.

Don’t confuse activity with meaning.  Just because you can post something interesting doesn’t mean you should post it.  Communicate with meaning in your social media and make sure it builds upon your brand.

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