Mar 19, 2012

St. Andrew’s Priory Selects ISA

We are pleased to announce that St. Andrew’s Priory has selected ISA to complete a research-based strategic planning process for the school.  Our work with The Priory will commence in April.

As Hawaiʻi’s oldest school for girls, the Priory boasts 145 years of educating Hawaiʻi’s young women for leadership and service. In 1867, at a time when educational opportunity was quite limited for Hawaiʻi’s women, Queen Emma Kaleleonālani envisioned a school for girls that would offer an education on par with that offered to boys. And so she founded the Priory.

Over the years, the Priory has educated thousands of Hawaiʻi’s women to take their places as participants and leaders in all segments of society both in Hawaii and abroad. From members of Congress, to physicians and lawyers, members of the armed forces, teachers, scientists, homemakers and clergy, Priory women are found in every walk of life.

The Priory’s program today is college preparatory in every respect, and one hundred percent of its graduates are college-bound. When a girl attends the Priory, she is exposed to a well -balanced program that incorporates the arts, sciences, humanities, religion, athletics world language and cutting-edge technology. She is given training in effective communication and in leadership. A Priory education is designed to instill in her the capacity to become not only a woman for Hawaii, but for the world as well.