Apr 12, 2011

Trend Seven of the Ten Trends Series

Just about two years ago we began a series of white papers chronicling the major shifts and trends in world of education.  This series – called Ten Trends – has been widely circulated and has been the focus of many talks, conference sessions, and generative conversations on school and college campuses.  We have authored six of the Ten Trends at this point in the series.

Next week we will release our seventh white paper in the Ten Trends series.  This white paper – “From Strategic Planning to Strategic Thinking” – will focus on the major shift from a long range planning culture to a more stealth-like strategy focused planning culture.  The white paper will be available for download on our website late next week.

If you are new to the Ten Trends series, or would like to review the past six white papers, we are posting each of the trends to our blog and social media feeds each day this week and next. 

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