Mar 21, 2011

Student-Led Servant Leadership Goes Viral

St. Martin’s Episcopal School in the New Orleans area has been busily implementing their strategic plan.  One of the core operating principles in their plan is to focus on “student-led servant leadership”, focusing on developing student leadership skills through student-centered activities.  As you will see, the students have taken it to a new level.

The strategic planning implementation team recently launched a public sustainability initiative called “10 to 10” – ten ways to conserve precious resources.  As part of their servant leadership, a group of Upper School students went down to Good Shepherd School in the heart of urban New Orleans and taught them the campaign in, I might add, very inventive ways!  The result:  a great day of service and a completely student-developed video that captured the activity.  

See for yourself on the video below.  And, you can help the 10 to 10 campaign go viral by retweeting or posting this on your social media.  The video is also featured on our YouTube channel.

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