Jul 27, 2010

Enrollment Management & Marketing 101

Sometimes it is helpful to revisit the fundamentals.  In any industry, the fundamentals and best practices are critical in our journey toward excellence.  And, sometimes, it is easy to forget the fundamentals as we become more sophisticated with our work.

I have found that enrollment management and marketing are two of the most often misunderstood disciplines. Perhaps it is because they are fairly common terms that are easily thrown around as industry vernacular, yet not easily understood. They seem to have many different definitions to people and there exists large degrees of difference in understanding their basic principles among college and independent school board members.  

Between the summer planning retreats and the reflective thinking that hopefully occurs on school campuses in July and August, these terms get thrown around quite often.  In the interest of clarity of purpose, I thought I would dust off one of our first white papers.  Published in 2001 at an NAIS conference originally, this paper gives a great foundation for schools and colleges as they seek common understanding of enrollment management and marketing.  Check it out here.


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