Jul 2, 2012

Houston, We Have a Problem

Most of us remember that famous line during a strategic mishap with a NASA mission. Historic, for sure. The quote crystalizes in most minds the failure of NASA at a critical point in America’s history.

America, we have a problem today. This problem is an education problem. Our problem is our competitive nature in the world of changing workforce preparation and workforce education. And, I would argue that the problem is a three tiered problem. Here they are:

1) We have a funding problem. Our model of education is too expensive to deliver to the masses who either want or need it.

2) We have a competitive problem. Our role as a world leader in education is declining as other nations figure out their education solutions. As America has slipped, others have taken our place.

3) We have a skills problem. As the world of work and workforce preparation has changed, our model of education and the skills required to be successful have not. Most schools are trying to alter their curriculum to reflect 21st Century skills as a result.

We have an education crisis in our nation today. Most indicators have pointed to this for awhile, so it is not really “new” news. Over the next week or so, we will examine some of these trends and reflect on each of them here in our blog. Feel free to participate in the conversation and offer a thought or two along the way.