May 1, 2012

The Future of Independent Education

Where Are We Going?

There is no question that we are in unchartered territory when it comes to the changing face of independent education.  Most experts agree that the classroom of the future, as well as those who teach in it and those who lead it, will need to look different in the future.  The challege is simple and yet difficult.  How do we make important institutional decisions in the face of such dramatic change?

Our next two ISA Virtual sessions will focus on the changing face of education and the dramatic impact it is having on institutional decisions.  We will bring the best research and our industry best practices view to bear on providing a strategic glimpse into the future.  Join us for one or both of the following:
  1. The Next Generation of Educational Leadership – Friday, May 4, 10 AM Pacific
    What are the attributes of the next generation of educational leadership in America?  With all of the fast-moving changes in our industry, what are the implications for college presidents, heads of school, board members and governance systems, and executive team members?  This session will focus on what our research and experience tell us about the next generation of educational leadership.
  2. The Future of Independent Education –  Friday, May 18, 10 AM Pacific
    This session is intentionally designed to examine and consider the future trends in education.  What do external trends and forces tell us about the future of education?  We will consider key industry dilemmas such as the following:  Where will online education be moving in the future?  What will be the prevailing educational philosophy?  Where is pricing moving and where does my school fit in? What is the role of education in the future? Join us for an insightful look at the external forces that are rapidly shaping education. 

If you enjoy strategically thinking about the future, you will enjoy and be enlightened by each of these sessions.  Bring a team of administrators, executives, and board members to the virtual session.  We hope you can join us.  Register now for either or both session here.