Dec 10, 2011

A Relevant Way to Thank Donors

Tired of thanking major and capital donors with the usual cocktail party, plaque-on-the-wall, name-on-the building way?  Wish you could do more to bring relevant attention to the legacy of their gift?  While we realize it is an exception rather than the rule, check out this video from Bowling Green State University.  
The University just opened the Stroh Center, a new basketball and fitness facility this fall to donor fanfare.  Rather than executing the typical stewardship campaign, the actual donors are the featured in this viral masterpiece.  With some creative juice and proper humor, Bowling Green State not only accomplishes their goal of thanking the donors, but also gets national promotional exposure for a job well done.
Just when I thought we had seen the best, I felt compelled to post this video after I saw it this week when shared by Byron Hulsey at Randolph School.  If you did not catch our earlier post on this topic, check out the entry on The New Normal in Promo Videos from the sidebar to the left.