Oct 31, 2011

The New Normal in Video Promos

Lately I have been noticing a steady stream of school and college produced videos that are edgy and pushing the promotional envelope of traditional marketing.  In some cases, they are building a brand vision, like the Return of the Quack video from The University of Oregon.  In others, they are trying to build promotional attention, such as this Katy Perry “Fireworks” lip dub from Assumption High School in Louisville, Kentucky.  And, in other cases, they are using this tool as a way to challenge traditional stereotypes of their school, such as the video above from Phillips Academy, affectionately known in America as Andover.
There is no question that this is the new normal in promotional programs.  They are viral, student-centered, and appeal to the young generation.  Taking advantage of social media and the incessant sharing of digital content that we all tend to participate, these new videos are entertaining and tend to grab attention in ways that traditional mediums, such as print viewbooks (boring!) and even formal school videos, just cannot garner.
It seems as if everyone is getting into the act.   Who would have ever guessed that Phillips Academy in Andover would have ever showcased not only their students, but their faculty, in a new school rap video?  I think we have moved into a new normal in video promos.