Oct 17, 2011

Ten Trends Launching at SAIS & PNAIS

If you are heading to SAIS or PNAIS annual conferences, you’ll get a sneak preview of our launch of the full Ten Trends series.  I will be speaking one week from today at the Southern Association of Independent Schools Annual Conference in Atlanta, followed by a keynote at the PNAIS Leadership Conference in Seattle in November.  After those sessions, our white paper on Ten Trends will be available for download on our site.  

In October and November, ISA will launch the completion of our Ten Trends series as I speak at several regional and national conferences.  The Ten Trends series was birthed three years ago when I witnessed several inflection points in our culture that I believed would naturally impact the work of non-profits, and specificially education.  Over the next two months, I am going to use this space to drive that conversation. 

How will educational institutions position themselves in the future?  What value will they add to the consumer and at what price?  I think this is the largest question facing high priced independent schools and colleges in the future.  I don’t know the answers, but I think we are asking the right questions here.   

Want a quick preview of our conference sessions or the white paper?  Watch the video from SAISTalks above or learn more at www.sais.org or www.pnais.org.