Long Live Strategy - A Complete Collection of White Papers

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Long Live Strategy - A Complete Collection of White Papers


Our first book, Long Live Strategy, is now available now here.  Long Live Strategy is a collection of 21 high level, select white papers focused solely on strategic thinking in education.  In this collection you will find Ian's innovative thinking about both best practices and future trends in education, including white papers from his Ten Trends series, The Pivot Point, Seven X-Factors of Market Sustainability, and much more.

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Chapters include:

The Intersection Between Mission and Market
The Seven X-Factors of Market Sustainability
A Culture of Planning
The Power of Strategy Work Groups
Why Cause Marketing Works
It's All in Who You Know
Enrollment Management and Marketing 101
A Proliferation of Choice
The Missing Generation
The George Bailey Test
The Three D's and Market Nirvana
Prepare the Child for the Path
I Just Want Her to Be Happy
Delaying the Decision
Contraction Promotes Consolidation
Revisiting High Noon and Educational Relevance
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Church
Building a Brand from the Inside Out
The Face of Change
The Pivot Point
Mind the Gap
Long Live Strategy covers all facets of strategy, positioning, and planning in private and independent education. Topics include trends and best practices in marketing, enrollment management, visioning, curriculum, and strategic planning. It is the most comprehensive collection of ISA white papers and position articles that we have assembled to this point.  Most of the work featured in this book was written between 2007 and 2014, during and after the great recession, one of the most turbulent and ambiguous times in American educational history.