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Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools
Association of Greater Washington DC Independent Schools
Association of Independent Schools of Maryland
Association of Independent Schools Admissions Professionals
Bay Area Directors of Admission
East Bay Independent Schools Association
Houston Area Independent Schools
Independent Schools of Northern New England
Independent Schools Association of the Central States
Independent Schools Assocation of the Southwest
Junior Boarding Schools Association
National Business Officers Association
National Association of Principals of Schools for Girls
National Coalition for Girls' Schools
Network of Sacred Heart Schools
New Jersey Association of Independent Schools
North Carolina Association of Independent Schools
Oregon Association of Registrars and College Admission Officers
Oregon Liberal Arts Placement Association
Pacific Northwest Association of Independent Schools
Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education
Southern Association of Independent Schools
The Association of Boarding Schools  
Virginia Association of Independent Schools
Washington Federation of Independent Schools 


Foundations & Non-Profits

Breakthrough Manchester - New Hampshire
Children's Relief Nursery - Oregon
Church of the Good Shepherd - Georgia
Council for Spiritual and Ethical Education - Oregon
Dundalk Renaissance Corporation - Maryland
Epilepsy Foundation - DC
French International Schools in North America  
Grace Presbyterian Church - Texas
Hoffman Institute - California
Independent Schools Association of Northern New England - Maine
KUZA - Oregon
Mississippi Children's Museum - Mississippi
Presidential Classroom - DC
Portland Tennis & Education - Oregon
Sunset Presbyterian Church - Oregon
Village of Promise - Alabama